Love Is Lovely But Never Easy

Love exists in many forms: love for our parents, for our children, our friends, family members, a pet and the most prominent in our lives could be that of a partner. Navigating the way through these relationships can be like navigating a boat across the seas: at times warm and sunny while at other times it might be incredibly choppy and anything else inbetween.

Reflections On Valentine’s Day

These days the aim of Valentine’s Day has changed from its long association with religious celebration of love, replacing this sense of innocence with expectations of romance that will awaken your partner to your love and devotion or light the fire of passion, perhaps both.  Yet, with commercialisation of romance, it feels more like one … Continue reading Reflections On Valentine’s Day

Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

The New Year has arrived, a time when we start again.  Contemplating the changes we would like to make, some as a result of over indulging during the Christmas period, others with the intention of improving ourselves or our surroundings.  We step into another year saying ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ … Continue reading Is New Year The Right Time For Resolutions?

Preparing A Christmas Just For You

Sitting in a café this morning waiting for a friend to join me, I was listening to conversations around me.  One specifically held my attention; there was nothing unusual about it, I’d heard this kind of story before, but I just couldn’t let go of listening. A woman around the age of 40, let’s call … Continue reading Preparing A Christmas Just For You